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It is a pleasure to be here today to speak about "measurement".


By "measurement", I mean to refer to the use of tests and surveys to collect information from people.


Very often, especially when tests are involved, the "people" are students.


I will assume, and try to remember, that English may not be your first language. I will speak slowly and hope that you can understand me. If I see you falling asleep then I will speak faster and louder.


I also speak Spanish and sometimes tend to use Spanish when counting or referring to numbers. (This is a mistake but I customarily count in Spanish and often forget to switch to English.)


Please keep me from going too fast. 


Raise your hand if you have a question. I will try to remember to pause from time to time to ask if you might have questions.



Note: this website was last updated on 5 September 2019

The original lecture was presented 11 September 2017 at Burapha University's Faculty of Nursing, Thailand