Welcome to "Lelp"

The Lertap 5.10.1 tab for Excel 2010


Welcome to Lertap 5 help, "Lelp".


Lelp (this document) is designed to be used online, in conjunction with the Lertap 5 item, test, and survey analysis system. In particular, it is meant to be used with the versions of Lertap 5 made to work with Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, and with both the Windows and Macintosh versions of Excel 2016.


Lelp exists in a variety of formats: as a PDF file, as a CHM file, as an e-book for use with an iPad, and as a website. Paths to all of these are at Link (1) below.


The website is always the most up to date version of Lelp. To see the date of the version you're enjoying right now, be it PDF, CHM, or website, look at the bottom of this topic, below the blue line, next to 'Last update:'.


Please note: although this version of Lelp is specifically designed to be a companion to the Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and Excel 2016 versions of Lertap, some of the screen snapshots found in this document show the old Lertap toolbar at the top instead of the Excel 2007/2010/2013/2016 Lertap tab captured above.


Links to a variety of Lertap resources are listed below.



A PDF copy of this website's topics. A CHM copy (compiled help file for Windows). An epub copy, ready for reading on an iPad or an iPhone. A link to the website itself.


A small set of PowerPoint slides with a quick introduction to Lertap. These are also available as a PDF file.


The main Lertap 5 website. Has more examples and samples, with links to videos, the manual, and a variety of riveting technical papers (also known as "erudite epistles").


Sample datasets for downloading.  Many of these showcase special features, and contain numerous examples of output.


Some tricks, tips, and examples of using Lertap 5 and Excel in the context of an authentic national assessment of science study.


The e-store for Lertap 5, the place which sells licenses for Lertap 5 users when they have more than 50 cases to process.


Larry's QUIA website.  This site is our developmental and experimental site. It sometimes has special tidbits, and, at times, special options of interest to instructors in test and measurement classes.



Please direct questions or comments to: support@lertap.com

Last update: 24 September 2019